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To the people of Plainfield Township, as you know by now we have suffered a loss of our Fire Hall. No Equipment was lost or damaged. But be assured that the Fire Department is up and running at 100%.  We are working hard to replace the building in the best interest of the people of Plainfield Township. We are looking at a lot of options.  So on behalf of the Plainfield Township Fire Department we would like to thank you for all your support.

Chief Kenneth L. Emery
Hale Michigan and The Sixty Lakes Area
Located in the heart of Plainfield Township, the quaint village of Hale is unique in that it is surrounded by 60 beautiful inland lakes within a 20 mile radius.

Hale and the Sixty Lakes area offer people the opportunity to enjoy carefree days of swimming, fishing and boating. Adding to the wonderful features of our area is the pristine Huron National Forest which surrounds the AuSable River. Here one can hike, camp, enjoy part of the shore to shore horse trails, snowmobile and cross country ski in the winter, enjoy ATV’s in the summer, or just sit and enjoy the abundance of birds, deer and turkeys in their own back yard. Nature abounds all around you.

Hale and the Sixty Lakes Area is the total package for anyone who enjoys country living with lots of outdoor pleasures.
Hale’s Land of Lakes, Forests and Fun.
For a day of Leisure or a Lifetime of Enjoyment.
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